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kitty prayer
Have you ever wondered why you see kitties in the adoptable pet list for All-American MUTT Rescue?

Simple ... we love kitties too, but we just don't have a lot of foster homes for them ... BUT ... we do have a few 'crazy cat people' friends who love to help kitties-in-need, so we say 'go for it'! 

If you are interested in specifically helping support the kitty rescue efforts, you can make donations specifically for them.  We always accept donations of 'cat stuff' - litter, food, beds, etc.  

Feline Snoozers has a great program where you can order beds, activity towers, etc, directly from their site and donate them to your favorite shelter.  We were added to their list Apr 21, 2012.

Check out their catalog at http://www.felinesnoozers.com/catalog.asp

 Feline Snoozers Cat Towers and Beds