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adopt a dog 
Each pet that comes to us has had the misfortune of becoming homeless for one reason or another.  Our goal is to make sure each one is healthy, spayed or neutered, properly vaccinated, and microchipped (dogs only) and then to place them in forever homes so, hopefully, they will never be homeless or lonely again.  We have a responsibility to these pets, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

 Each of the pets - both pups and kitties - will live temporarily with a foster family, as a member of that family.  Foster families assess the temperament, behaviors and needs of each pet.  They work with the pups on crate-training, housetraining, leash walking, and basic commands such as 'sit,' 'down,' 'off,' and 'leave it.'

 Our adoptable pets are posted on our website as well as on Petfinder.com, Pets911.com, Adopt-a-Pet.com and several other sites.

 The adoption process:

      Step 1: Complete the appropriate Adoption Application.  There are different applications for dogs and cats. You will find the form online  http://www.allamericanmuttrescue.org/forms/  Then click on 'Fill Out' and you will be taken directly to the form.  Once submitted, it comes directly to us. You should get a message immediately if your application has been successfully submitted

      Step 2:  Members of the Adoption Committee thoroughly review completed applications and do reference checks.  Please remember that adopting a pet is making a commitment of 10-15 years, so we do not take any shortcuts in processing applications.  It is our responsibility to place these pets in the very best homes we can possibly find for them.  Application processing can usually be done in 7-14 days.  Sometimes it may take longer if we have a problem reaching your references or finding another rescue to do a home visit for out-of-town or out-of-state adoptions.

     Step 3:  After reference checks are completed and your Adoption Application is tentatively approved, we will schedule a home visit and a time for you to meet the pet that just might be the newest member of your family.  We will ask that all family members be present for the meet-and-greet ... including all other family pets.

Please be aware that we generally limit adoptions to families within 75 miles of our location in Huddleston, VA.  There may be exceptions made, but application processing for remote adoptions usually takes longer because we must find another rescue to help us by conducting a home visit.  This is required.

**Please remember that we are an all-volunteer, home-based rescue organization.   We do not have a public shelter facility, so all home visits/meet-and-greets for potential adopters and fosters are done after applications are approved and by appointment only.  Most of our volunteers work full-time jobs, so the majority of our home visits are scheduled for Saturdays and Sundays between 10 am and 2 pm.  We are usually able to get a volunteer to do a home visit/meet-and-greet weekdays if that is needed. You can also meet adoptables at our public events noted on our website.  Of course, we will always try to be as flexible as possible when scheduling meet-and-greets.

     Step 4:   After the home visit, if everything seems to be a perfect match, the final step is the signing of the Adoption Contract, payment of the adoption donation, and welcoming your new family member home. 

Please note that completing the online application does not obligate you to adopt a pet, nor does it guarantee that your application will be approved.  Likewise, scheduling a home visit/meet-and-greet does not guarantee the adoption, nor does it obligate you to adopt a pet. AAMR reserves the right to decline any application without providing a reason.  Please understand, also, that often there are multiple applications for one pet and it is the responsibility of the Committee to find the best fit for each pet.