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Buddy and Starr's Web Page

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About Buddy and Starr

  • Status: Adopted!
  • Species: Dog
  • General Color: Tan/Yellow/Fawn with White


Hi … our names are Buddy and Starr! Read our bio to find out everything you need to know about us.  

If you think we might be the perfect pups for you, go to www.allamericanmuttrescue.org/forms and complete the adoption application online.  We REALLY want to stay together.  We will consider exceptionally qualified adopters who are interested in only one or the other, just specify in your application.

Buddy and Starr are siblings and from what we know, they have never been separated.  Our goal is to have them adopted to the perfect family willing to open their hearts and their home to both of them. We don’t know about their early history, but we do know the last place they called ‘home’ before coming to AAMR, was not especially happy. Apparently there were youngsters in the home who did not always treat them kindly and adults who did not really want them. (No, we don’t know why there were there to begin with.) A Good Samaritan intervened on their behalf, got them out of the home and brought them to us.

From the beginning, we thought Buddy was the boss, and we thought it would be better for Starr if they were separated.  When we put them in separate crates (side-by-side so they could see each other), it was Buddy who cried and howled and barked because he did not want to be separated from his sister. Wherever they are, you won’t find them far apart. Even outside, they are constantly checking on each other.  Seems like Buddy’s confidence only lasts as long as he can see his sister. Our goal is to have them adopted to the perfect family willing to open their hearts and their home to both of them.

Approximate age/birthdate:  October 12, 2019 

Weight/size: Buddy weighs ~7 lbs and Starr weighs ~4.5 lbs

Housebroken:  YES as long as you take them out often. Little dogs, little bladders. Buddy still has a tendency to ‘mark’ things but he this should improve as the testosterone lowers in his system from being neutered.

Crate trained:  YES

Personality: both are sweet, happy, loving pups. They are a little shy when meeting new people, but once they feel safe, they are happy.

Energy level:  medium. They are actually very calm for youngsters.

Fenced yard required?:   Definitely preferred.  They are both so fast, if they get away, it is not likely you will catch them. They should never be outside a securely fenced area off-leash.

Does he/she jump fences?  NO

Leash walk with manners:  They are learning and are stubborn about wanting to go ‘their way.’ They should always be walked using a harness rather than just a collar. They are so small that it would be very easy to collapse their tracheas from pulling on a leash with only a collar.

Obedience training:  No. They will usually (but not always) come when called.

Riding in vehicles:  RIDES OK     

Spayed/neutered:   YES

Up-to-date on routine vaccinations:   YES

Microchipped:   YES

Social with other dogs:  YES

Social with cats: Do not know. They have not been around cats in foster care. They would probably be scared of an assertive cat, and most adult cats are bigger than they are.

Good with children:  Will probably be best with respectful, calm children ages 10 and up. We never recommend having tiny small dogs with very young children because if they accidentally hurt the dog, the dog may bite them. We do know that the children who were mistreating them were younger.

Adoption donation: $350 for the pair. ($190 if only interested in one.) They are both altered, up-to-date on vaccines, microchipped, have had some dental work done and have both gone from being severely underweight, to healthy weights. They have also been heartworm tested, are negative, and have been put on monthly heartworm and flea/tick preventatives.

We are an all-volunteer group, so please be patient and understand that it takes an average of 7-14 days to process the applications including reference checks, follow-up questions and home visits.  You can expedite the process by providing accurate email addresses for all your references.  Time to make phone calls is limited and we often have multiple applications in process.  We make every effort to move through them as quickly as possible.

When your application is approved, we will schedule a home visit/meet-and-greet to see if Buddy and Starr pick you too.

If it seems that the adoption will be a good match for all, there is an adoption fee, and an adoption contract to be signed. Please feel free to email weluvpups@hotmail.com if you have additional questions.

Other Pictures of Buddy and Starr (click to see larger version):

Buddy and Starr Buddy and Starr Buddy and Starr Buddy and Starr
Buddy and Starr Buddy and Starr